SGA Conference – Day 2


Yesterday was the second and final day of the Swedish Game Awards Conference. I attended several interesting talks, among them:

Dan Thronström from Avalanche Studios gave a talk about how the dynamics between publishers and developers in the AAA segment seems to be changing as developers turn to other ways of financing their games, such as crowdfunding or self-funding.

Romi Gråhed from DICE gave a passionate talk on project management, the best part of which was a segment where four audience members where invited onto the stage to demonstrate the differences between scientific management and directed management, where our own Oskar Månsson played the part of an over involved manager telling an artist exactly how to draw a house.

Martin Lindell, also from DICE, gave a talk on an interesting subject that’s becoming more and more significant every day: What happens to our digital cultural heritage when our consoles and cartridges decay beyond repair? Should we store and preserve our games, and if we should, then how?

I’m pretty sure many of the talks at the conference were filmed and I’ll try to get a hold of them. If I do, I’ll put some links up!

Overall, my experience this weekend was very positive. The talks were great, but in the end, what I found most rewarding was seeing old and new friendly faces from the other game educations spread across the country. That, to me, is SGA’s greatest strength: bringing Sweden’s game development students together to form a creative community rather than bloodthirsty rivalry.

Me charming some first-year students from Skövde

Me charming some first-year students from Skövde

The Campus Gotland Gang

The Campus Gotland Gang

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