Power Peach Sis.

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When I was still young and hadn’t yet mastered the art of programming, I discovered that it was possible to remix the classic games from my youth, a procedure known as “ROM hacking”. Having little technical experience at the time, I was limited to whatever tools had been made available by people with more skill than me. I’d stare in awe at what those with the powerful knowledge of “ASM” could do to my favourite games.

Fast forward a bunch of years, programming experience, and a course in computer architecture later. In the years that have passed, I’ve become a skilled programmer and learned that “ASM” is short for “Assembly” (a family of low level programming languages) and how it can be used to alter old games. So when I saw a video by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions’ in which Brandon Dillon does a simple hack of The Legend of Zelda, I thought “I can do that too!”.

The result became Power Peach Sis., a hack of Super Mario Bros. for the NES in which you can play through the entire world of the original as Princess Peach with her floating powers from Super Mario Bros. 2!

And you can play it!
Get it here, or from ROMhacking.net.

The download contains an IPS patch. To play the game, you’ll need to apply it to your legally ripped (or otherwise obtained) Super Mario Bros. ROM. The ROM needs to be expanded before the patch is applied, for more info, see the readme file. Note that the SMB_Expander utility program included in the download may upset antivirus software, but it is clean.

PS. A special thanks to Kishi who allowed me to use the excellent Peach sprite from “Super Mario Bros.: Peach Edition”

Retro games!


I got this in the mail today! I’ve been thinking that I should try to get a hold of some old classics. So far my modest collection consists of Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy IV, V and VI in japanese and now Super Mario World!

The Final Fantasy games were actually a real bargain, I found them in some sort of retro store in Tokyo when I went to TGS. I even got a discount and got all three for a little less than 1500 yen! Now I just need to remove the region lock from my SNES so that I can play them :P. Well, that’s a project for another day, but I’ll make sure to post when I get to it.

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