King of the Thrill


King of the Thrill was my final project in my first year of Game Design studies. It was made during eight weeks in collaboration with five of my classmates.

It’s a local multiplayer brawler for up to twelve players who can drop in or out of the game at any time, using their own smartphone as a controller.

The key requirement for the project was to design the game with a focus on innovative input. Drawing on my experience as a web developer, I was able to create a websocket-based input system that allows players to control their avatars through their smartphone’s web browser.

The game was made for Windows and was written in C++. SFML was used to facilitate graphics rendering and audio, and libwebsockets was used to communicate with the phone’s web broswer via the websocket-protocol.

King of the Thrill won Best Innovation at the 2013 Swedish Game Awards.

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