Power Peach Sis.


Power Peach Sis. is a rom hack of Super Mario Bros. for the NES that lets you play through the entire game as Princess Peach with her floating powers from Super Mario Bros. 2.

I made this because I wanted to challenge myself to follow a hobby project through and to put the assembly skills I had gained from a course in CPU architecture to the test. You can read more about the story behind it in this blog post.

Get it here, or from ROMhacking.net.

The download contains an IPS patch. To play the game, you’ll need to apply it to a Super Mario Bros. ROM. The ROM needs to be expanded before the patch is applied, for more info, see the readme file.

PS. A special thanks to Kishi who allowed me to use the excellent Peach sprite from “Super Mario Bros.: Peach Edition”

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