Spookhouse is a prototype that I made for an advanced game design course in collaboration with two of my classmates.

The focus of the course was on rapid prototyping and toy-first design, meaning that our first priority was to design an inherently interesting and deep system around which a game could be built. The theme for the assigment that resulted in Spookhouse was Indirect Control and we were given a time limit of 20 hours.

In Spookhouse, you play the ghostly occupant of a haunted house. As a ghost, you are only able to interact with the world of the living by possessing some of the furniture scattered around the house. When a group of tresspassing explorers arrive at the house, it is up to you to scare them away, by striking them all with one big, simultaneous jump scare!

I played a major part in the game’s design as well as being the sole programmer on the project.

Go ahead and try it out! Possess certain pieces of furniture by clicking on them.
Download Spookhouse

“Backed Vibes (clean)” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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