Mechropolis – Fleeing AI


I’ve recently started working with the talented folks at Digital Tuna (creators of CoBots) on a new project for the course Big Game, the grand finale of our second year here at Campus Gotland. The game’s name is Mechropolis. It’s a first person action puzzle game in which the player is invited to explore a long lost underground civilization. The only remaining inhabitants in this derelict world are the robot servants still carrying out the orders of their vanished masters, blindly digging deeper into the planet.

Mechropolis’ core mechanic is something we’ve dubbed “Fusion”. The player is able to stun a robot, pick it up, and throw it into another robot, fusing them into a single entity that combines the characteristics of the other two. By exploiting these fused robots’ unique traits, the player is then able to progress through the environment.

My main task so far has been to implement the robot AI and fusion system. The AI system is a simple but flexible state machine with single purpose states (e.g. “chase”, “flee”, “attack”) that are tied together and transitioned between when certain conditions are met.

I’d like to tell you about one such state that proved to be an interesting little challenge: the “Flee” state. (more…)

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