SGA Conference – Day 1


I’m in Stockholm over the weekend for the Swedish Game Awards Conference. After a long day of traveling (got up at 5.30 in the morning to catch the ferry to the mainland), mingeling and lectures, I retreat to a well deserved night’s sleep.

Two highlights stood out for me among the day’s events:

I met Angelica Norgren and Josef Fares, both involved in the Swedish gaming-focused radio show P3 Spel that I enjoy every week in podcast format. Josef Fares is also a well-known filmmaker and game director behind Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons.

Me and Josef Fares

Me and Josef Fares

The second highlight was an incredibly fascinating lecture by Sjoerd De Jong from Teotl Studios. He demonstrated Blueprint, the visual scripting language in UDK4, which I must say looks very powerful and flexible. He also showed a small slice of Solus, the game he’s currently working on. The attention to detail and atmosphere made my mouth water :)

Enticing scenery in Solus

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